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There's True Love in 2022
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Pastor Ty Alexander
I hope everyone had a good New Year. Something I noticed about the numbers for 2022 was that if you view the zero as a separator, it could be seen as 2.22, which reminds me of what True Love means to God. Number triplicates mean a full amplification of what the number means, which is why 666, a triplicate of the number for man (6), means a full corruption of man[1].

222, though, means full or perfect love, since two means love[2]. You might think that all number triplicates have a bad meaning, but that is not so. Numbers are like words that can be used in different contexts - they can have good, bad, or neutral meanings.

For example Christ’s name in Greek ( Ἰησοῦς ) has a value of 888, which means “full or absolute renewal/resurrection,” since the number eight means renewal and resurrection[3]. And Christ’s English name, Jesus, as well as one of His titles, Messiah, both have Old English values of 444, and since four means hope, 444 would mean “full or absolute hope”[4].

However, 444 is also the Old English value for Lucifer[4]. Why should God work language so that Lucifer, another name for Satan, has the same value of 444? We’ll have to remember that Satan was first an archangel of God and Lucifer means “light-bearer, shining one, or morning star”[5]. The name refers to being bright and shining as we often imagine angels to be, and they are also messengers for God who bring or bear His light by bearing messages from God.

In fact, the Greek word for “angel” (ángelos) in the New Testament means “messenger”[6]. So you might view Lucifer’s 444 as the reverse of Christ’s 444 to mean “full corruption of hope” in the case of Satan.

Now that you can see how number triplicates can have different meaning in different contexts, we’ll go back to True or Perfect Love with 222. I also want to say that “love” in this context is more than romantic love. It refers to a more general sense of “agape” love for everyone, which is better stated as “love and charity.”

It was many years ago that the Lord guided me to Genesis 2:22 and its link to 222 and love. That verse is the first occurrence of the 222 triplicate for “full or perfect love” in the Bible. It’s where God makes Eve to be with Adam after seeing he needed a wife and companion. Genesis 2:22’s link to 222 shows God’s full love for Adam, which he did not need to do anything to receive.

The full love shown in Genesis 2:22 is only half the picture of what true love means to God, though, as it also goes with the next time the 222 triplicate occurs in the Bible with Genesis 22:2. That verse is the very first occurrence of the word “love” in the Bible and shows that faithful obedience to God completes true love for Him – acting in obedience to God’s commands as Abraham did in Genesis 22:2 is a part of true, full love for God.

God is leading me to note the 2:22 I see in 2022, though, so I will speak of the fuller view of true love at another time (for more discussion of this, see True Love - What does it mean to God? Are Soulmates real?).

In recent weeks, the Lord has given me some very big reminders that I am overworked and need to remember my past, many years ago, when being an artist and romantic were big parts of my personality. Being a minister in the last 13 years took me farther away from making art and especially from unrealistic romantic ways of seeing the world. However, God notes in Ecclesiastes 3 there is a time for everything – a time to plant and a time to uproot... a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh... a time to embrace and a time to shun embracing (Ecclesiates 3:2-5).

And in guidance related to more numbers recently, God told me again to stop self-neglect and focus on art and personal happiness. You’ll be amazed at how God did this. In years past, He had the number 272 pop up in a young Christian’s life many times until he asked me what it meant. I told him it meant “love and obey” (from 2) “me” as a minister (from 72), since two means “love and righteous obedience” and I was born in 1972, so the 72 referred to me and my counsel.

This young Christian had problems with getting rid of sin and darkness, from both the ways of the world and the church that taught incorrectly. But then in later years, the Lord also popped up 272 in my own life to tell me to "love myself" - stop working so hard and taking care of others while I neglect myself.

And in recent weeks, God gave me a very big reminder that goes with this 222 full love guidance. He had 272 pop up some more times that reminded me not to work so much. Then I saw a new PBS Nova episode that showed a galaxy cluster named ARP 273 (image below).

Now having had a lot of guidance with 272 and some also with 273, the galaxy cluster caught my interest. It is called the Rose Galaxy, which is actually two colliding galaxies that form the outline of a rose blossom. But what’s even more amazing is that the style of the rose shown in ARP 273 closely matches how I used to draw roses since my young years as an artist. Compare the rose on the left below, which I drew from a freehand drawing, with another image of the ARP 273 cluster scaled to the same size. It's not hard to see the similarities.

It was a year or two ago that I noted God guiding me with 273 as the logical sequence from 272. It represented coming out of my self-neglect in 272 and finding personal happiness. Combining this with ARP 273’s numbering to go with this personal guidance, I saw that God gave me a very big reminder to stop self-neglect and focus on personal happiness. This goes along with the 222 in Genesis 2:22 and God’s love for us as individuals as opposed to as a People.

So since I got these very big reminders, after all, no one but the Lord could move whole galaxies in a personal message like this, I’ve tried to do less work and more things for enjoyment. However, I have to admit I haven’t been very successful, because something always comes up I need to handle, like now I’m in Florida helping my mother with her retirement home.

But while I’ve been here, the Lord has given me things to wonder and joy in, like the Christmas Star constellation I’m tracking now (see Following God’s 2021 Christmas Star), and just yesterday when I was worshipping at a small beach in Sarasota, I was led to yet another reminder of romantic things.

After I had finished worship, a young married couple with a newborn baby, talked to me, and the man told me I shouldn’t miss seeing Marina Jack while I was there. I made a note to go see the giant statue there, which I imagined to be something like our Minnesotan Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox.

My meeting this couple appeared to be God’s orchestration, because he also noted to me that he had a fortune cookie that didn’t have a fortune in it, and he wanted me to replace it with a prayer. I did that for them and told them how I don’t like fortune cookies because they can invite divination, which is a sin.

Seeking prophecy and guidance from sources other than God are sins related to idolatry, because we are being unfaithful to God by seeking guidance from sources that are not of Him, like divination done in tarot cards, Ouija boards, by fortune tellers, astrologists, mediums, and spiritualists. God doesn’t want His People to use those things, as He said, "When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritualists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?" (Isaiah 8:19).

God gave the couple an empty fortune cookie in preparation to meeting me and what I’d say about it. Praise Him for that!

Now, I also said God reminded me of Ireland in recent time as well. It was shown in the IMEI number for a new business phone I recently got (photo below), which goes with my creative business in Aching Prosperity and symbolizes a connection my ministry and creative work have to the world.

If you’ve seen what I’ve shared about how God has moved the world to give and affirm spiritual guidance (see Where The Fairytale Is Real for more examples), you’ll know this is a regular occurrence for me. This time, if you look at the phone's IMEI number, you'll see it starts with 353, which has reminded me of Ireland since I found out years ago that their phone area code is 353.

God even had me link the Christmas Star I saw this Christmas to Kings Bay here in Florida, in which there is also a “King’s Bay” in my Irish adventure novel, Aching Prosperity (see Following God’s 2021 Christmas Star for more), which I had not intentionally orchestrated. God did it through extraordinary means, and obviously, He is reminding me of the story in Aching Prosperity as well now, which also has a love story in it.

2022 appears to be a year for renewal with God’s love in it. The Lord bless your year with His lovingkindness as well, through Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus). Amen.

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Update 1/2/2022
When I was writing the original post today, I saw in Facebook a friend had posted the following about Jeremiah 8 (screen snapshot below with names and comments masked). Very strange thing is, I noticed her Bible's page number was 916, which I also saw in the phone's IMEI number before. It ends with 916.

This is no coincidence. God is pointing out that, though, I'm guided to not work too much and move towards personal happiness, my work as a minister doesn't end and the phone also represents connecting to people with my counsel as a minister.

I needed to help this Christian understand what her Bible translation was saying, so though there is love and personal happiness in God's guidance here, He reminds us all that the time we're in is not full of peace, just as Jeremiah 8:11 says, and His People have no idea why they suffer (Jeremiah 8:7), some of which is for idolatry (Jeremiah 8:2-3), which I talked about in the original post related to the couple's fortune cookie above.

Like said in Jeremiah 8, God's People don't understand what they do wrong or why they're suffering (Jeremiah 8:7) and it's partly because they listen to false teachers and prophets who tell them lies of peace and only give superficial remedies (Jeremiah 8:11). Much false belief and bad teaching comes from bad interpretation of scripture as well, which goes with my friend's post about her Bible verse.

So as God taught me to be a more discerning minister and not so unrealistic (overly romantic) about how the world and His kingdom work, we all need to remember to keep our focuses in check.

Update 1/18/2022
I’m back home in Minnesota now and settled in, so it's time to write about further happenings with what the Lord gave me related to Ireland when I was in Florida. In my last update, I talked about keeping our focuses in check, and it might seem with all the guidance pointing to Ireland that God is sending me there to focus ministry, like He did with Saint Patrick.

But to clarify what the Lord intends, like with the link to the Bible page and my phone IMEI number I spoke of last time, He reminds me I'm not one who is sent only to Ireland.

On January 11th, I used my last free day in Florida to take photos. I was driving on a busy highway in an area south of Orlando when I got strong spiritual feelings to turn around and check on someone I saw begging for money on a cross street. When I got there, I saw it was a teenage girl with her family sitting nearby. What surprised me the most, though, was they said they were from Dublin, Ireland.

I then knew it was no coincidence the Lord had me speak with this family, which was a Catholic family consisting of the older mother (a widow), the teenage daughter, and two younger siblings (a brother and sister). Because the Lord had guided me a lot about Ireland in recent months, I told them about that and tried to give them hope for the future, but because they said they were immigrants leaving Ireland to settle in the States, I knew the Lord was giving me and others perspective related to my recent guidance with Ireland.

I’ve often felt like Saint Patrick in my life’s redirections towards Ireland. You might think the Lord is planning to move my focus there entirely, like He did with Patrick. In years past, I had sometimes wondered if that was God’s plan, but over time He never gave me anything to state that.

My anointment from the Lord was always for His kingdom as a whole and not for any particular people or region, and because this Christian family I met was originally from Hungary and they left Ireland after 15 years because they did not feel welcome there and wanted better lives in the United States, I felt the Lord connected me with them to remind me that my ministry role continues to be for everyone and the recent guidance related to Ireland I got did not change that.

That was reinforced by the friend I helped to understand Jeremiah 8:20, which I talked about above, and the real, physical links the Lord gave with the Bible page number being the same as the last numbers in the cell phone’s IMEI. My role to teach for the Lord is not meant to be centered on Ireland – I remain a teacher and minister of Christ for everyone.

But obviously, the Lord made Ireland a big point recently, that also went with personal happiness and creative works, so I need to find where that path goes. I have to admit I have not had much time to get back to romantic creativity or much else related to personal happiness yet.

People’s and the world’s troubles constantly take my attention, and seeing how this immigrant family did not feel they could have a decent life in Ireland, reminded me that countries everywhere have many problems to address; the United States included. I’m afraid many problems this family fled in Ireland will confront them here, but I pray they find the peace and prosperity they search for, through Christ Jesus. Amen.

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