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Gems That Prove Destiny And True Love Are Real
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Pastor Ty Alexander
I used to be a boundless romantic who saw love with eyes of eternity. Soul mates, love at first sight, destiny, and true love as infinite and long-lasting as the stars in heaven. It was all as real to me as the sun and sky even though I can’t say I ever fell in love at first sight or found a soulmate. How many of us have truly felt those things? Not the rush of a heart from attraction, those glowing lights and dazzling eyes sparked by delightful novelty, but real, lasting love.

I hate to say it, but those of us who really experienced a soulmate or true love at first sight are few, yet a lot of people believe in these things, as I still do. You’ll have to call me a realistic romantic. Why should I still believe in all that unrealistic, mushy true love stuff when I’ve never held it in my hands? It’s simple, just as you’ve seen polished gems adorning the lives of others’, the miraculous love all of us want is real.

Don’t tell me you haven’t sought those gleaming gems. We are all wired to seek love and affection, but most do not find the perfect, polished gems. Love in the real world is like gemstone mining – most of what you find in the dirt isn’t shining and polished.

The physical and emotional kind of shining radiance is commonplace, though. Some of you gem seekers only mine that kind of luster and then only find yourselves with piles of fool’s gold and plastic stones, which you end up discarding after so much effort and distress. You’ll do much better not to go digging through mountains of dirt to find the real gems, because I know soul mates and destiny are real. These polished gems are prepared for us long before we’re even born. I’ve seen them and held them in my hands, not of the romantic love sort, but real gems nonetheless. I’ve seen God work true destiny and serendipity in my own life.

King David said of God, "My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in secret and woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be" (Psalm 139:15-16).

God makes all of us and is certainly capable of making a spouse who complements us and fulfills our lives - our soulmate - planned even before we were born. I've heard many stories of married couples who professed to having that soulmate notion fulfilled – having that perfect life’s companion. I've even heard stories that show God's hand in bringing two people together through inexplicable alignment of circumstances. Not simply random run-ins, but very unusual circumstances and objects lining up together, which are obviously orchestrated by invisible forces.

Some people call this "serendipity," but the dictionary definition of that is "the [ability] for making desirable discoveries by accident; good fortune; luck."[1.1] God's pre-destiny, though, has nothing to do with accidental luck. God makes things happen as He plans, even hundreds and thousands of years in advance, like King Josiah and King Cyrus were prophesied in the Bible hundreds of years before they were born [1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6]. Christ, too, was prophesied about 1500 years before He was born throughout the Old Testament, in which the last book, Malachi, dates to about 430 B.C. and the first book, Genesis, 1446 B.C.[1.7, 1.8].

God can obviously control destiny, but references in the Bible don’t have as much impact when you’re not holding the gems in your hand; they're just words in a book with no proof to back them up, so it may help you to see the gems God gave me, like when I talked about the ARP 273 Rose Galaxy earlier this year. The Lord had me connect that to personal guidance, and how this year, 2022, encodes True Love in it.

I mainly talked about God’s love for us in that thread, which linked to the first time the number triplicate, 222, appears in the Bible – Genesis 2:22, where God makes Eve to be a wife and companion for Adam. This gem shows God's unconditional love for mankind, since Adam did not need to ask for a wife or companion. God saw how he needed one and made Eve to be with him.

I also shared inspiring guidance from God about His love for us, but I also noted there was more about true or full love in 222. This 222 gem in Genesis 2:22 needs to be paired with another gem to correctly understand true or full love for God in the 222 triplicate. The paired gem goes with the next time 222 appears in the Bible – Genesis 22:2. That verse has the very first use of the word, love, in the Bible. This is where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

Now, the number two means “love and charity,” which God pointed out to me through a sequence of guidance and events. You can see the details in this post in the Countdown To Valentine's Day thread.

So, knowing the number two means Love, it makes the triplicate 222 mean True or Full Love. If you are not already a believer in Christ, I hope these details inspire you to have greater faith in God and Christ, because those numbers are exactly woven into the Bible’s numbering to show God’s hand in creating scripture to align with the meaning of the number two with love (see The Meaning of Numbers for many more examples).

True Love from God is shown in Genesis 2:22, while True Love for God and the first occurrence of the word love in the Bible is shown in Genesis 22:2. But you may wonder why Genesis 22:2 is about True Love for God. What does sacrificing Isaac have to do with that?

It's because God gave Abraham a command and he tried to obey with faith and fear of God, knowing that disobeying God could bring very bad judgment. So True Love for God must include obedience to His commands, which was stated by the apostle John clearly, "In fact, this is love for God: to keep His commands" (1 John 5:3). And Yeshua (Jesus) said the same thing, "If you love Me, keep My commands," (John 14:15).

So now can you see how God embedded these 222 gems directly into His words of scripture? Biblical numbering EXACTLY matches the theme of what the words talk about and the meaning of the number 2 going with love.

OK, skeptics might think this working of the number two with Love and scriptural numbering is simply coincidental. I know those feelings. Some things really are random, but think about what has to work out for this alignment. The chapters and verses from the original language manuscripts of the Bible have to exactly line up with what is spoken about in those verses. That cannot happen simply from random occurrence. It’s like finding two pieces of a perfectly heart-shaped stone in a bed of more than 5000 ordinary stones.

That analogy isn’t far off, because there are over 5000 Hebrew words and 564 lines (verses) from Genesis 2:22 to 22:2. If you still want to dismiss the alignment, you have to understand that adding or removing just one chapter (group of lines/verses) between Genesis 2 and 22 or one line at the beginning of Genesis 2 or 22 will throw off the alignment with Love.

There can be no coincidental alignment like that. Obviously, someone “engineered” or premeditated this when these verses were written. Most people believe it was Moses that wrote the Old Testament Book of Genesis, but I’m willing to bet he did not know God’s meaning of the number two when he wrote it.

So then who could have orchestrated this amazing alignment? You probably guessed it already – God did it through divine inspiration on Moses. This alignment is only one example of many I’ve seen that show how scripture is truly God-breathed or inspired by God, so that the multiple writers of the difference sections of the Bible wrote exactly what God wanted (2 Timothy 3:16), at least the words from the original writers of the Bible.

Alignments like this are truly awe-inspiring things that give proof God and Christ are real. It was alignments like this that brought me to believe in Christ, and since I became a Christian, the Lord has given me so many of these alignments that the only other more concrete evidence for His existence is for Him to materialize before your eyes.

I’m not the only person God wants to move into faith with things like this. I’ve seen Him move many people through the years with these subtle but powerful nudges. Most recently, a believer told me about how her grandmother vowed to her unbelieving son before she died, that she would help his faith by giving him a message from heaven. The family believe she died at exactly 12:12, because the clock stopped working.

They thought it had become unplugged or there was a power outage, but it was a battery backed-up clock plugged into an outlet. Through the years they remembered grandma whenever 12:12 popped up, but they couldn’t see the message from heaven. Not until recently, because this 12:12 would only get its full meaning when a family member found me and what I knew about 222 and God’s love.

How does 12:12 connect with the 222’s I’ve been talking about? Well, I did not realize it when the believer brought up the 12:12, but she said 12 is also a double of the 222 triplicate, so 12:12 is equal to 6+6 : 6+6, which is equal to 2+2+2 + 2+2+2 : 2+2+2 + 2+2+2, giving us 222+222:222+222; four 222’s.

Now you can see, this Christian grandmother’s message to help her unbelieving son (and God’s message to help everyone else too) into faith is pointing to the proof in 222 that God and Christ are real. But what’s more, I also want to say that God’s love in Christ is also real and is affirmed by another amazing alignment with scripture and numbers. I first brought it up in the Valentine’s Day Countdown, but I will repeat it here.

The most common word for love in the New Testament is the Greek word “agape,” which means “love and charity.” This word is numbered 26 in Strong’s Concordance, which is a reference dictionary of all the words of the original languages used in the Bible (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek).

Now, you probably know the popular New Testament saying, God is love (1 John 4:8, 4:16). It is often used by the church to evangelize new believers, but something I’m sure most of the church does not realize is God’s proof of this reality in Christ. The Apostle John said, God is love twice in 1 John 4 (chapter titles don't count because they were added later by the church), which links to the number two meaning Love, but even more interesting is how it links to Strong’s #26, “agape” love.

In the Old Testament, God used His holy name over two thousand times. The Hebrew is יהוה , which I pronounce “Yah-hoh-vah” and spell Yahovah in English. Because of my study of gematria or the numeric values of words, I knew God’s Hebrew name equaled 26. Where did we see that number before?

Agape love is numbered 26 and God’s name also equals 26, so when John said, God is love, which in the original Greek, he said, God is agape, you can see the Lord is affirming that statement with how the word agape got numbered to also be equal to His holy name in Hebrew. "God is love" is "Yahovah is agape" is the same as "26 is 26". Truly God is love.

And to negate any coincidence in this alignment, you need to understand that Strong’s Reference only uses words found in the Bible’s original language manuscripts, and they are numbered alphabetically by language, so think about how anyone can manipulate this numeric alignment with Love.

You would have to have control of all the words used in the New Testament and how Greek developed as a language to make agape come to be #26. And you would also have to have control of the Hebrew alphabet to make God’s holy name come to equal 26 as well. Obviously, this is no work of humankind, so I hope these revelations will bring the skeptical among you to come to full faith in Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus).

God’s love for us all is shown in Christ establishing the New Covenant to wash away all our sins and renew us into new lives of faith that also guarantees an eternal life after we die. And all these alignments pointing to God and Christ’s love, show how He devises ways so that a banished person does not remain banished from Him" (2 Samuel 14:14). God truly does want to renew the banished person, just as He said to His people, who He had exiled after the fall of Jerusalem because of their sins, He also said, I have loved you with an everlasting love. Therefore, with lovingkindness, I draw you out. I will build you again (Jeremiah 31:3-4).

The Lord really does want everyone to be saved, and for those who left faith behind, to be renewed and reconciled back to Him. That is the love that spans the ages and eternity – a life with God here and now, as well as into the timelessness of heaven, so if you’re now convinced of the truth of these things, may you go to someone now and profess your faith in Christ, and then move into a new life of belief and more complete love for God. Be wonderfully blessed in that, through Mashiach Yeshua. Amen.

Please feel free to contact me for proven and honest guidance in a life with Christ.

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