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Sometimes nothing is stranger than real-life, but you may be surprised just how many wondrous things in Aching Prosperity came from the real world. The mystical, glowing symbols of Chapter One, for instance, were inspired directly by an event in Ty's real life. He actually did encounter a mysterious, shining sign that emerged out of thin air in 2005. He recounted this extraordinary experience and how it led him to faith in Christ in the third chapter of his first book[1], a Christian memoir and scientific discussion.

This experience made Ty contemplate the real-world dilemma of committing to an unexpected, amazing, new path or staying in the life he knew. It was mirrored in the first chapter of Aching Prosperity for the main character, and just like the story, Ty's real life choice was life-changing and revealed the world's true nature when what was hidden and unknown came to be tangible and openly seen.

The popular axiom, "Write what you know," perhaps brought into popular circulation by Mark Twain, was certainly brought to fruition in Ty's first novel as he put much of what he learned from life into Aching Prosperity.

Everything from supernatural but absolutely real destiny to miraculous serendipity is now nothing new to Ty, but it was profoundly revolutionary when he first began a spiritual journey into Christianity in 2008. Ty's experience of truly life-changing revelation in the universe's unveiling is conveyed through Aching Prosperity's transportation of the reader and main character into a fantastical yet troubled and dangerous new world.

However, the miraculous signs, guidance, and workings of events in Aching Prosperity are not so far-fetched when you realize how Ty has experienced many of the same things personally. Ty worked many of his true life experiences into Aching Prosperity, but God gave him a surprise almost a year after he started writing the book.

On March 20, 2014, he was looking for valley names in Ireland when he came across the Ghleann an Ghrífín (Griffeen Valley or Griffin Valley) a little west of Dublin.

Giant, supernatural griffins that are part lion, part eagle are a prominent part of Aching Prosperity, so Ty took notice of Ghleann an Ghrífín in Ireland, and found it on Google Maps. To his surprise, he found the real-world "Griffin Valley" in Ireland exactly matched the only place where the griffins are found in Aching Prosperity - the River Valley of the book's metaphorical Ireland.

The alignment of "Griffin Valley" in Ireland to the book's story is so exact, that when Ty scaled the Google Map to fit the map of Rathúnas he had created months earlier (first image below), the point where Google showed the Griffin Valley (red star in second image) was placed right in the middle of the book's River Valley and next to where the griffins make a nest, which is important for the main characters. There's more important symbolism in this, but more cannot be said before giving away too much of the story.

Rathúnas and Ireland's Ghleann an Ghrífín or Griffeen Valley

Rathúnas's River Valley and griffin roost serendipitously match the exact location of Ireland's Ghleann an Ghrífín or Griffeen Valley / Griffin Valley

Ty found Ghleann an Ghrífín in Ireland well after he already wrote the details of the griffins and location of everything in Aching Prosperity, so this was not premeditated on his part. You can chalk it up to God's amazing workmanship or in Ty's words in Chapter Two of Aching Prosperity it amounts to the "intricate weaving of thread upon thread to fix the eyes on the tapestry of a skilled artist."

The unusal pre-destined synching of Ireland's Griffin Valley with Aching Prosperity's story may be amazing, but Ty's life as a Christian began and went forward with equally serendipitous links to Ireland.

The miraculous signs Ty spoke of in his first book's testimony led to a friend who was born on St. Patrick's Day. She helped convince him it was Christ that was leading him into a new life.

Motorcycle racing was also part of walking with new faith in God, and funny thing is, some sources say St. Patrick was born in 373 AD[2,3], though an exact date cannot be verified.

Why is that interesting? Ty's racing number was 373 (photo below), which he chose before knowing about St. Patrick's birthdate. He chose 373 to use his lucky number three with seven, since he loved riding Triumph triples and three represents Christ and the Holy Trinity[4], while seven is God's number and means completeness and perfection[5].

Ty Alexander Huynh racing on his Triumph Daytona 675 at Brainerd International Raceway

All these non-coincidental alignments should be enough to prove that Ty's path as a Christian and towards Irish culture are divinely inspired, but a skeptic might say, "Maybe he's psychic or has other spiritual powers," and so unconsciously or subconsciously directs his life and work in these amazing ways. That reasoning, though, cannot explain Ty's more physical evidences that his life is directed or pre-destined by God.

Some of that proof became evident when Ty started learning Irish Gaelic. He saw very unusual "coincidences" with certain Irish words that lined up with his Christian path. One of the first obvious ones he came across was "múinteoir," the Irish word for "teacher."

Why is that interesting? It's pronounced "moon-chore or moon-tore," which Ty recognized because he was called to a new life of ministry by a very unusual moon constellation he saw in 2008. He also shared that in the testimony of his first book.

This interesting linguistic alignment with the Irish word for teacher linked to Ty's experience with the moon, being called to be a teacher of Christ, and the moon's symbolic importance with the woman in Revelation 12 in the Bible. She represents the church and is described with her feet above the moon. These alignments are completely out of Ty's control to manipulate, even if he has psychic or spiritual powers.

That's verying intriguing, but hardened skeptics might say these are one-time, lucky coincidences - nothing miraculous or pre-destined at all (never mind that more than one "lucky coincidence" was already mentioned). Well, throughout Ty's life in ministry, more and more real-world evidences of pre-destiny for his role as a minister and links to Irish culture came up.

So much has accumulated that they cannot all be shared here, but you can find more amazing serendipity in Ty's 411 Journal. Aching Prosperity was not to be a formal proof for God and the supernatural, but when you escape into its miraculous world, keep in mind that much of the story is more real than you may think.

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