Aching Prosperity - Rathúnas Tnúthánach

The Book

The new 2020 edition of Aching Prosperity is here...

Destiny and true love. . . what are those really?

We can be pre-destined for great things far before our time, but even assured fate can be lost.

Alastar Duer, young, candid, and naive to the confusing realities of true destiny and love, finds himself thrust from a simple, secure life into a complex and captivating adventure he never could have imagined.

His Irish heart and artistic talents help him face the many challenges of the destiny he discovers was made for him long before he was born. Aching Prosperity is a story of love and discovery in a wonderous, ever shifting, but troubled world where Alastar and his friends fight for a destiny too big to grasp in one hand.


Here's what readers say about Aching Prosperity...

From someone who visited Ireland twice, "So good at description! I can picture the areas and people easily. Your storyline is compelling. It was just like being in Ireland."

From Dave, "Absolutely loved the book! This is an excellent story with a great blend of action, adventure and character development. With each chapter, I wanted to continue reading more to find out what happened next. One of the best books I've read in the last few years..."

Where the Fairytale is Real

More than just a novel, much of Aching Prosperity was inspired by Ty's real life experiences and unknown to him, parts of the story had divinely inspired elements that even surprised the author. There is such a thing as destiny.

See where fiction and fairytale actually are not...


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