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Artist Garland (Art/Poem/Song)
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Written by
Ty Alexander Huynh
  1/28/2022 10:24 AM
One of the definitions of garland as a noun is a collection of short literary pieces or art. This thread will serve as my garland of things new and old, creative, romantic and whimsical.

Creative works used to be a big part of my personality, but that had withered away in years past. Renewing this part of my life seems like a fitting pursuit because of what God has reminded me to focus on lately.

I hope you enjoy the parcels of garland (most recent posts are at bottom)...

Versilla 1/28/2022 10:39 AM
Originally composed 1993
Revised 2021 March 20

I'll go to Versilla
When the roses open to the rising sun
Land of unbound dreams
With a flute and ringing tongue
I'll join the singing red crystals
And see the horses beating
Golden wings, rushing into the sky
Gone upon a wave of the morning sun

I'll go to Versilla
To witness the skies with clouds in flutter
Butterflies whispering whimsy, sparkling their eyes
They'll circle and tumble,
Spiral around,
Swimming through the air
In melodies rolling off a soothing wind
As they wander and jump, lazy in stutter

I'll go to Versilla
Where stone lions stand
With swords and holy crosses,
Their feet buried in watered soil
I’ll whistle with grinning crickets
As the sun dies and air grows crisp
And fireflies huddle and glow,
Swaying on songs of stars streaking on a strand

Tumbling Chambers 1/28/2022 10:49 AM
Originally composed 2012 May 28

The heart is a tumbling chamber
Many crystal hollows latticed through
Marbles of love roll mixed in labor
One bumps another, shares its hue
Ruby, sapphire, emerald, amber
Tinkling of love shimmers tangled beams askew
Why heart, does passion come out of your camber?
Would it not be better to stop on cue?
Will you roll through spring, summer, until December?
Hopes deferred jostle your rhythm, tears not a few
Dreams once vibrant, now hard to remember
Yet you tumble continually, hope lined to renew
You see clear when we smolder, a fading ember
Waiting for the time coming to make us new

Here's a video version done by my friend, Enoch:

Childhood Bliss 1/28/2022 10:58 AM
Originally composed 1993 April 3

In the morning mist,
trudging to school,
across silent streets,
past picket fences.
There I went,
to learn
of stuff,
to play,
but most of all
to see,
you, my friend
The best of friends.
Like the Skipper
and his little buddy.
We did so much together,
     waterways after rain,
     sweat in our hair,
     tongues and frozen fence posts,
     pride after accomplishment,
     after victory.
And do you remember,
the teachers.
     Miss Mondale
     niece of the defeated.
     Mr. Johnson
     cherished his Tweetie Bird glasses.
We defied them all,
     paper in the air
     fights in the corner.
Those were times
of childhood bliss,
and now
in years of absence
I wish
to feel
that love of life
once again.

Home 1/28/2022 11:15 AM
Originally composed 1993
Revised 2022 January 28

To leave a special place is
To leave a cherished part of you
To leave is
To leave behind a feeling of security
To leave is
To leave memorable moments in the past
To leave a special place is not
To leave at all, I really don't want
To leave this special place

Eastern Blue 1/28/2022 11:52 AM

Pencil drawing of a rose and Eastern Blue Butterfly
2011 April 1

Falling Waters 1/28/2022 11:54 AM
Originally composed 1993 April 16

on wet moss

on slick wood

coming down

Just a ways away,
Reeds, weeds, flowers
Sprinkled with
water droplets

Midnight Walk 1/28/2022 11:55 AM
Originally composed 1993
Revised 2022 January 28

Full moon
We smile
I point
Bright twinkling
Eyes reflecting
Free fluttering
Rhythmic steps

Hummingbird Mouse Ears 1/28/2022 12:03 PM

2011 March 24
Pencil drawing of Irish mouse ear flower and hummingbird

"Mouse ears open, soft wings spoken, alight in display, most splendent array,
Inherent transparent, with most rosy sequence, a beating heart flutters apart,
But comes near from a wispy clear, two bodies expose a humming repose,
Share the nectar in life, bound together by petals of no strife"

Shining In The Rain 1/28/2022 12:14 PM
Song originally composed 2017 February 28
Inspired by the Hummingbird Mouse Ears poem above

When hopes must hold, and the heart is in a void, far away from its dreams
Yet even in longing pain, A bright heart can draw near, wispy but clear

Through long, foggy nights, a heart stumbles apart, without the joy of light
Yet even in streaming rain; A bright heart can draw near, wispy but clear

In long bitter days, a heart withers apart, away from hopes in sight
Yet even in cold refrain; A bright heart can draw near, wispy but clear

Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in the pain
Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in the rain
Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in refrain

Humming repose, petals hold no strife
Inherent, transparent, splendent array
Spirits renew, peace lights, with nectar shared

Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in the pain
Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in the rain
Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in refrain

The fog breaks apart; The cold drifts away; See the light of day

Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in the pain
Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in the rain
Look up, ears open, wings spoken; There is shining in refrain

My Minneapolis Poem 1/28/2022 12:18 PM
Originally composed 1993

chill wind.
The warehouse district.
Quiet and sad.
My friend's car was stolen here,
mine just in front of his.

Spinning heads,
more chill wind.
Buzzing and corporate.
I got lost here.

hot steamy wind.
Lake Calhoun.
Musical and lazy.
I spent a summer there.

warm spring breeze.
The Mall at the U.
Friendly chipmunks and blowing pages.
A lot of time thinking there.

Castle Knight Sketch 1/31/2022 1:55 PM

2011 March 31

I sketched this for my son and a few years later,
the castle became a model for the capitol city at
Cnoc na Rí (Hill of the King) in Aching Prosperity
The Absent Painter 1/31/2022 2:43 PM
Originally written ~1993
Revised 2022 January 31

From a writing exercise of describing a scene with an absent character

Shadows striped the small bed that sat under the window and stretched across the dark room. The bed was simple, with no decorative frame or headboard, just big enough for one person to roll over once before he'd fall off. The sheets were jumbled up and a ragged floppy pillow lay on one end. Beside the head of the bed, there was a standing coat hanger with only a dusty old derby hat hanging on one of the spokes.

If you stepped back from the brightness of the window, you could see the rest of the room. It was even more neglected than the bed. And barren. A wooden easel made of rough, cracked wood stood in a corner, and a small stool stood in the front of it. A few small tufts of cotton puffed out of the larger rips of the stool's cracked and torn leather cushion.

There was no canvas on the easel and the few tubes of paint on its narrow shelf were hazy gray and smudged, not from paint, but from a film of dust. At the easel's feet, an assortment of brushes were sprawled haphazardly, like they were thrown in frustration.

To the right of the easel was a small square table, about waist high, that was splattered with spots of paint. A cup filled with pencils were on the table, and all this was grayed-out with dust too, save a few clean spots that outlined a hand print and a bright page of paper.

There was no dust on the paper, so it seemed to gleam in the darkness of the room. It was filled with numerous, small sloppy sketches of backgrounds, a woman, and a dog. New inspiration.

Love That Grows 2/16/2022 5:15 PM
I remember long years ago. They laughed at me. "It's adolescent, immature love," they said. This couple in a creative writing class at university just read my poem; a handful of lines gushing beauty and love for someone. They shot it like a robin singing on a thawing spring branch.

I remember being embarrassed. I wondered and asked, "What do you mean?" thinking they had great wisdom to share.

The woman replied, "We've been together a few years now, and our love isn't anything about physical things."

They were talking about love based on deeper emotions. Something more than simple attraction. More than biology - heightened hormones, flying pheromones. More than sparkling lights throwing our hearts into a dizzy.

At the time, I never felt that before. Never had mature love. But then what was wrong with the love I showed? In those days, all I knew about romantic love was what I felt. And all I could do was relate it to physical beauty – a shining moon, a star-filled sky, supple flowers. Perhaps I was lacking in metaphors, but does that make the emotions any less valid?

Of course not, but now I know there is fleeting love and mature love. The couple had a valid point, but failed to appreciate immature love. That is where a lot of mature loves starts from. If the beauty of dew on a clover was not appreciated, we would not have stopped for it, or nurtured it, helping it grow and sprout blossoms.

If we didn’t stop for it, it’d never spread into whole hillsides of clover. Without that immature love, we’d turn away and let the dew evaporate. It would remain alone, and so would we.

But reason to remain within love; that makes the difference between fleeting love and love that would grow into fields of clover. A wise and mature heart would examine its reasons when love fades. Did it never become mature love and walk away? Or did it only retreat in times of heavy rain or burning drought?

3D Art 1990 vs 2022 3/30/2022 8:39 PM
I used to love 3D CGI since the art form was first developed in the late 1980's. The first home computers weren't capable of producing 3D "ray traced" art, like shown below, until they could generate more than a few dozen colors. My first home computer that could do it was an Amiga 2000, which jumped computer graphics into the near-modern age with a palette of 4096 colors (12 bit color).

The first image came from my Amiga 2000 decades ago using a 3D program called Imagine. The original image resolution was about 640x400 pixels, which was a hi-res full screen back then.

Today, hi-res is a 4K display (3840x2160) and 24-bit color (over 2 billion colors). I thought I would recreate that first-generation 3D ray-tracing. The results aren't bad (below), but generating the final full-HD 1K image took my PC 3 minutes. My Amiga probably took close to half an hour to generate that 1990 image. Those are just render times for the computer to make the image after the scene is composed. Composition for this scene is only about 20 minutes since there's only two objects and four lights.

If you wonder what "ray tracing" is. It's the process of generating an image by calculating for every pixel (dot) in the image, a color to display by casting out rays from the camera through the scene and figuring out what objects and lights the ray interacts with.

This is basically the opposite of what happens with vision in real life. We see the world when rays of light from light sources bounce off objects and eventually are captured by the light receptors in our eyes.

For CGI ray tracing, hundreds, even thousands of calculations need to be made for each pixel. For a 4K image, that's 8.3 million pixels, so complicated scenes like in Hollywood movies, need huge amounts of computing power. That's why ray tracing takes so long, even for today's extremely fast computers, but it generates the most realistic images when object reflections and transparent refraction are needed, like the mirror ball here.

Fortunately, 3D CGI has advanced a lot since the 80's, so I don't need to use ray tracing and wait forever to see test images during composition. As a comparison, here's the same scene rendered with no ray tracing (below). It still looks good, but the reflections on the ball and floor are absent. This is usually good enough for real-time 3D rendering, like seen in video games. The non-ray-traced version of the scene took less than a second to render.

The Hearty Soul 4/3/2022 2:10 PM
The freezing rain does not kill the hearty soul
But even a desert sprout, made for slopes steep and harsh
Would die drenched in too much water and sun

So the immature heart withers unless nurtured
Until deep root forms love and blooms come of wisdom
Without of, leaves and soul cannot remain supple

Through storm and heat and shards of cold
The hearty soul may tarry in the wind
Yet, still, even the hearty soul needs nurture to bloom again

The Wild Aloes 7/28/2022 3:38 PM
Inspired by a patch of wild aloes found at the edge of my mother's Florida property in January 2022...

Aloes did gather in the wood
Unkept in growth
Hardly were they odd among the wild wood

Since times long ago
Aloes did fragrant those royal
And soothing balm they did stow

Yet unkept they stood
When the gardener did come
Trimmers scoured the wild wood

For the unkept aloes
There was no guard
When the trimmers trod they did woe

Few wild aloes did escape cutting
Broken were they
When the fruited holly found life cling

For them that did remain
The holly gave shelter
Prim and nourished they became

The wild aloes spared after the cutter

After two months with trimming

After two months, the smaller aloes moved to their own pots

After five months, the largest aloe has a pup

For those who don't know, aloes are in the Bible
mainly as an ingredient for perfumes
(Psalm 45:8; Proverbs 7:17; Song of Solomon 4:14; John 19:39),
but they also represent Israel and God's People (Numbers 24:6)

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