Aching Prosperity - Rathúnas Tnúthánach

An adventure that captures
the essence of Ireland. . .

We can be pre-destined for great things far before our time, but even assured fate can be lost.

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From someone who visited Ireland twice, "So good at description! I can picture the areas and people easily. Your storyline is compelling. It was just like being in Ireland."

From Dave, "Absolutely loved the book! This is an excellent story with a great blend of action, adventure and character development. With each chapter, I wanted to continue reading more to find out what happened next. One of the best books I've read in the last few years..."

411 Author Journal
Most of Ty's creative writing is based on real-life experiences. See some of his art and music and find out the details of some of his most amazing discoveries in his 411 Journal.
There really is proof of destiny and true love...

Where the Fairytale is Real
More than just a novel, much of Aching Prosperity was inspired by the author's real life experiences. And unknown to him, parts of it were divinely inspired, showing God's working of pre-destiny - a tapestry of thread upon thread woven for us before we are even born...

The Author
A lifetime love for fantasy and science fiction always inspired Ty's creativity. That creative fuel is sparked by his extraordinary life experiences, which let him impart valuable lessons, many of which he found in the hidden and surprising parts of our world.

A modern Renaissance man educated in the sciences, religion, and creative arts; Ty's diverse background lets him share wisdom, inspiration, and struggle that everyone can connect with. The experiences Ty writes about can sometimes be sorrowful, but his narratives are often kept upbeat with playful humor.

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In a new Christian life after 2008, music and singing became very important to Ty. Through making music, he discovered it to be the language of the soul, which conveys emotion much better than words alone. However, he found it impossible to read sheet music since childhood and still cannot read it. And much like abstract concepts in science and math, music theory simply baffles him.

Despite these difficulties, his new strength with Christ helped him learn music when he started with a cheap acoustic guitar in 2012. Now music, especially traditional Irish Celtic music, is a large part of his life, and he often uses Irish and Celtic song and language in his creative work. After some years with the acoustic electric guitar, Ty added other instruments to convey the melodies of his spirit. His instruments now also include the Irish bodhrán drum, mandolin, and piano/electric keyboard.

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