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About The Author

Tyrone Alexander uses his life experiences in discovering the hidden and surprising parts of our world to share valuable lessons. His varied background in the sciences, psychology, religion, creative arts, music and motorcycling have allowed him to write works that are compelling and easy to connect with for many different types of people.

Music is a large part of Tyrone's life. He's found through the years that using song and melody is the perfect language to reach people's souls. He currently plays acoustic guitar, the Irish drum (bodhrán), and mandolin. He releases music under the stage name of Cantaire Dé, pronounced "Kahn-tahr-eh Jay". His original song, "My Heart Is In Dublin," won Best Ballad in a monthly music contest.

Tyrone grew up in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area of Minnesota. Other than being an immigrant to the United States, he had a typical Midwestern-Urban childhood. Riding street bikes used to be a favorite past-time for him and he has even earned road-racing certification for motorcycles.